TARDIS tales 2018: Gals on the run..

To the question of can the (new female) Doctor park / fly the TARDIS..?

The 13th Doctor & TARDIS - by Mani Navasothy
The 13th Doctor & Idris (TARDIS) 

Well… No more men (Doctors) stomping about..smacking the control with hammer.. twiddling and pushing `her’ buttons.. So I think `she’ (TARDIS) will get along with female Doctor just fine.. I imagine the TARDIS has waited patiently for thousands of years..for this day to arrive  It’s the ultimate 2 girls on the run scenario.. though not quite Thelma & Louise.. No one’s driving to a cosmic cliff edge..
not in this time-line 

Men..enough with the time-fracking jokes about female time-ship drivers now. Get over it..or get off this ship. rets of us are sailing..with or happily without you.

Basically.. figure out if you are a science-fiction fan…(in which case, you’ll be on board) or just a `Trumped-up Twilight-fan’…looking for kiddie-romance in all the wrong places.

In the words of 7th Doctor, `Nothing remains the same…even remains change’!

-Mani Navasothy


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