Whovian Questions that will be asked (now that The Doctor is a female!)

Whovian Questions that will be asked- now that The Doctor is a female:
(Note: pls don’t shoot the messenger-me!)

Not even 24 hrs since Jodie Whittaker was announced as The 13th Doctor.. and people on facebook groups already throwing silly stuff like, `women driver..can’t park the TARDIS’. (not cool!) .

Jodie Whittaker 13th Doctor Who - v3

So there’s a whole lot of questions now boggling my mind..
When the Doctor is female..would the TARDIS also change `sex’ and be now called by The Doctor as `ol girl’ ?

And the sonic screwdriver.. it’s a tool that became more and more elaborate.. like an ego-extension of a man.. So again..will it change and feature less? Less phallic? If not..dear gods..can we imagine jokes that are going to fly around.. `it doesn’t do turkey or wood..but it does…aehm.. have 69 vibrator settings’ and such. (sorry ..sorry I shouldn’t have started that)..

And companions.. everyone is now looking for the usual polarity balance..Doctor is Female.. so lead companion will be male.. etc.

Then there’s that ultimate question that fandom will ask.. `are we going to see an unplanned pregnancy in the TARDIS? Will the Doctor become pregnant? ‘ (am just throwing a whole lot of questions.. don’t shoot me..).

And then there’s the ..`will she show more materla nurturing instincts? will she be more tom-boyish? Will there be a kissing scene?

Till now girls have been getting over excited about some of the younger looking Doctors…like David Tennant & Matt Smith.. So are we going to now see boys/ men start fancying Jodie..? (Look am not getting into the already existing LGBT fandom. Just glossing over stuff amusingly..and trying to not offend or come across as sexist..so again.. don’t shoot me!)

Oh then there’s the whole occult thing – number 13.. Lucky? Unlucky? Will there be more occult stories? Will she be one of the coven of 13 ancient TimeWitches? 😉



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