Talking about Regenerations & Gallifreyan gender changes

Talking about Regenerations & Gallifreyan gender changes:
Seems people out there are still struggling with the idea of The Doctor (male) regenerating into The Doctor (female). I guess ..having worked with Sandra Cole as The (female) Doctor in our own fan productions since 2013…(almost 4 years now)’s NOT a shocking thing to me.. or to any of my Doctor Who fan production team members.
There was nothing to get `used to’ because we were excited to be doing something new.. that had only been talked about or joked about or done in jest (comic relief).
(nb: In our story, The Doctor (played by Stephen) has a mortal wound, and is healed by a mysterious Priestess in Glastonbury.. at which point The Doctor is seen to regenerate into a female Doctor (played by Sandra)! It’s charted in our 3-parter `Glastonbury Mystery / Spears of Destiny / Ceremony of Souls’
(That’s not all…we have even more radical regeneration storylines coming up in `Avalon Artefact/ Brain of the Doctor / Paradigm Shift / De Ja Who’ in our fan series#2..starting this Autumn!).
Someone mentioned that we can’t see Batman, Catwomen, James Bond or Wonder woman – as opposite gender. And I have this to say:
Unlike James Bond, Batman or Catwoman, or Wonderwoman – none of which have a racial history of `regeneration’ , The Time Lords of the alien planet Gallifrey – of which The Doctor is one – do have a history of regeneration.
Not only that, one female of their species – Romana- once *showed* that she can choose to regenerate into any number of alien creatures/ humanoids (before settling into the Romana#2 incarnation).. That happened *in the TARDIS* itself.. under the very nose of the 4th Doctor..way back in the 70’s!
Incarnations (c) MN2015
If that is not still enough I can quote the Hindu protector God Vishnu –who took 9 incarnations on Earth (according to thousands of years old Hindu mythology)..some of which were a fish, turtle, Bore, lion-human, dwarf, warrior..and heaven behold..Mohin- a seductive Nymph (to distract the Demons)!
Still not enough? Well..there are some reptiles right here on earth that in their early stages change sex.. depending on environmental conditions.
If there is anyone who can’s an alien, from the planet Gallifrey, called The Doctor (not Mr.Doctor or Mrs.Doctor.. but simply a sexless description `The’ Doctor).
If some of you are still going to be arguing the whole `reason is PC’ (Political correctness..and not Police Constable!) …well.. that’s rather petty..because we have not seen how or why The Doctor is going to need to regenerate into a female.. To do that we have to watch Xmas story on 25/12/2017. Till one can argue `it;s not a good reason’.. because we don’t know the `reason’ yet!
Still not convinced? Then I quote the words of the 7th Doctor “Nothing remains the same… Even remains change!”
-Mani Navasothy
Producer/ Director of `Doctor Who London Fan films’
2013- to present!

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