Doctor Who: Three of One (Thrice upon a Time?!)

Doctor Who: Three of One! (or Thrice upon a Time?) 
To celebrate the upcoming Xmas special ..with David Bradley taking on the role of First Doctor, I created this poster..(one of many variations am playing with in my laptop 🙂
It has all 3 of the Actors who (will) have played the 1st Doctor formally on TV. Richard Hurndall (2nd first, in Five Doctors), David Bradley (3rd first, in upcoming Xmas story Twice upon a Time), and of course, William Hartnell, the original 1st First Doctor 🙂 .
This took some doing..  finding large photos online to work with..ones that are good quality ..  (I actually had to use a smaller body’ and a larger face shot’ of Richard Hurndall to get his figure right..).
Actors who played the First Doctor in Doctor Who
Doctor Who: Three of One! by Mani Navasothy
feel free to share..but please as always gimme a tiny little artist credit?  Ta 🙂

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