Watch it – Doctor Who London (#2.0) Child of Promise (minisode)

Good News everyone.  We finally got some editing done..and put out a new episode..  nothing short of the prologue to our fan series#2.  We published it on youtube & facebook page on 25th December 2017.

TARDIS breaks out of a wormhole, followed by strange artefacts, and crash lands on Earth. A naked man is found unconscious on woodland floor, in the throws of purple regeneration energy. Meanwhile a half metal-masked woman is stumbling in the woods, about to give birth. What connects the two is a mysteries metal horned alien. A guardian Angel or a soul stealing demon?

Note: There is some (male rear view) nudity & themes of child birth featured in this film. Those who may be easily offended by such are advised to refrain from watching this fan film.

This minisode is the prologue to our fan series#2.
Stay tuned to see another Doctor materialise in Earl’s Court with a new robot dog K90, and the coming of Archangels of Time.. on the hunt for The Child of Promise!

Doctor Who & TARDIS (c) BBC. No copyright breach intended. This is a non-profit fan production.

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